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Dear Parents

We know your concerns on high quality education: reasonable price, caring teacher, small class ratio, engaging lesson, conducive learning environment which naturally good results.  It's a high calling.  But we can meet you and your child's needs if you put your trust in us.  Do give me a call for a non obligatory chat! 

Do spend some time to read about our terms and condition!

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Registration is on a first-come-first served basis.  It is confirmed upon receipt of the completed form with the payment of the respective fees.

  2. Fees paid are non-refundable once registration is confirmed.

  3. The selected time slot can be swapped or changed for your convenience as long as we have vacancies.

  4. We reserve the rights to reject any registration, limit the student enrolment, and expel any students who misbehaves or fails to conduct himself/herself in a proper manner/refuses to do and submit any work given and causes damage to the school property or who disturb or bully other students or teachers within the Centre premises.

  5. Consent is given to us to use photograph and video clips of my child for future publicity material and newsletter only when we seek approval from you.

  6. We will not be responsible or liable for the loss or damage of any personal property within the Centre premises.

  7. Whilst we  takes reasonable steps to ensure the safety of every child during classes or within its premises, mishaps and accidents may occur due to circumstances beyond the Centre’s control. Therefore, we cannot be held legally liable for such incidents and are indemnified against such liability.


Rules and Regulations for Make Up Lessons

  1.  Due to the increasing number of students and to ensure consistent progress of each student, make up can only be carried out on the next available time slot for students who are ill or absent due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event if such a time slot cannot be found it can be utilised for holiday classes during March, September or December.

  2. Make up for absence of class due to personal reasons should be made known to use at least one week  before the actual lesson so that students can attend lessons on another available day specified by teacher.

  3. Students who are unable to attend any make up lessons within the year, a copy of the teaching materials for the affected lesson will be given. Students will have to complete the assignments at home and bring it back to the teacher for marking and feedback.

  4. Make up lesson is not an entitlement.  Due to our limited resources and to optimise each student’s learning progress, we would like to seek the full co-operation from all the parents and guardian to try their best not to let your child miss any classes unnecessarily. 

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About our Payment Schedule

We collect fees every 10 weeks (Termly). A $25 one time registration fee is applicable for all new student.  We appreciate greatly if the fees can be paid before the start of the next 10 weeks cycle.  You can simply use the PayNow feature by scanning the QR code using your bank App or by Cash. Receipt will be given.

Paynow Details

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