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Hi I'm Li Lao Shi (李老师), I have 10 years experience in teaching young children in Chinese and have a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Chinese Literature.  My vast experience and passion in interacting with  Children led me to start Go Education in 2019, a small and humble enrichment centre that is within Phoenix Learning Hub.  I want every children that come to my Centre to develop a love for the language and culture and not just study Chinese for the sake of passing exams.  Do come over to my centre to have a chat of how I can help your child excel and love this beautiful language.  Free trial available too!

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Review From Parents

Zhu Jia (Parent)

我的儿子启航是今年小六毕业生,华文取得了 AL1的好成绩,他在李老师的补习班学习了一段时间,对他帮助很大。李老师很认真负责,是一位值得推荐的华文老师。

12 Dec 2021

Charlotte Toh (Parent)

李老师是一位对孩子教育报着极度使命感的好老师。 她会跟据孩子的步伐拟定一套学习计划来帮助现代孩子不畏惧华文。 我的孩子就是在老师的鼓励及指导下, 对华文多了一份自信也尝试以华语来沟通。看他满脸的自信让我感到很欣慰。

October 07, 2021

Ah Jun Ling (Parent)

My daughter couldn't speak mandarin and show no interest, however after attending 李老师class, she improved tremendously. Thank you!

Dec 12, 2021

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